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Ten Common Problems...and Our Solution


■  There are some pitfalls you should be aware of when selecting your architect. David R. Carter provides solutions that are advantageous to you.

■  If you have experienced other problems and want to avoid them, Mr. Carter will gladly discuss his solution with you.


Problem Symptom of Problem Our Solution
Architect markets and wins job, but assigns daily management to lower echelon personnel. You do not receive the value of experience and decision-making you pay for. David R. Carter is involved in all aspects of service from start to finish.
Architect promises fast completion or low fee, then does not fully detail plans or carefully write specifications. Construction costs are higher due to confusing and incomplete instructions resulting in change orders. We provide thorough, quality-checked construction documents.
Architect does not respond to questions from owner, contractor or others promptly. Confusion, delay and disrespect. We are available by phone to answer questions immediately or within hours if possible.
Architect takes on all work possible and overburdens existing personnel. Personnel suffers from information overload and cannot keep track of the multitude of details or respond in a timely manner. We select clients to keep workload balanced and quality high. We respond to you with timely decisions.
Architect provides low fee by doing engineering work himself. (This may even be illegal.) Critical engineering systems designed by rule-of-thumb which then require changes or replacement. We hire professional engineers to custom design systems and avoid problems through their expertise.
Architect provides low fee by eliminating bidding/negotiation services. Contractor has to increase bid amount due to unresolved questions. Vague contract wording leads to disputes. We provide services to answer bidder's questions and to review your construction contract.
Architect provides low fee by eliminating construction administration services. (This may even be illegal) Contractor may take advantage of opportunity to substitute cheap materials and poor workmanship. We provide shop-drawing review and on-site observation of construction to help avoid problems.
Architect copies prototypical drawings prepared by others. Plans and specifications may not be suitable for your project conditions, resulting in increased costs or unwanted products. We use information from prototypes when necessary, but never assume that a design has been sufficiently thought through by others.
Architectural company focused on bottom-line. Personnel is rewarded for providing less service and attention, resulting in unnecessary problems for you. We focus on avoiding problems and resolving issues during consistent service-oriented management.
Architect does not maintain professional liability insurance. Should legal issue arise, personnel can become distracted or company go out of business. We maintain professional liability insurance coverage.