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■  Company founded in 1997 by David R. Carter as sole proprietor. Mr. Carter graduated from the Clemson University College of Architecture in 1983.


■  Company is solely operated by David R. Carter, registered architect. When necessary, an association is created with other architects having commitments to quality and detail similar to Mr. Carter's.


■  Located in Bellevue, on the west side of Nashville, Tennessee, the company is close to three interstate highways, many governmental agencies, consultants and business services.

■  Office is thirty minutes from Nashville International Airport (BNA). Southwest Airlines economically serves Nashville.

NCARB Certification

■  The National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB) has certified David R. Carter as a Broadly Experienced Architect, allowing him to obtain licenses in other states.

Continuing Education

■  Education is an important ongoing process. Learning about new technologies, green building concepts, remaining cognizant of professional principles and ethics, and expanding awareness of professional responsibilities toward the health, safety and welfare of a building’s occupants are the focus of Mr. Carter’s continuing education.

Technology and Resources

■  Mr. Carter has been proficient with computer drafting since 1985 and is capable of expedient production of drawings utilizing his software customizations.

■  AutoCAD computer drafting, MasterSpec specifications, and Microsoft Office suite software are all utilized to produce professional documents. QuickBooks software is utilized for accounting. Dell Precision computers, Hewlett-Packard large format 42" plotter, Canon laser fax/scan/copy/print and a Panasonic 8.1 megapixel digital camera all provide professional grade hardware reliability. Computers are protected by Norton Antivirus and backed up daily to remote hard drives.

■  Company web site is produced in-house and utilized for client and contractor project information access (password protected). Please see our "Project Hub" page.

■  Company library contains building codes and manufacturer’s product literature. Archives of completed projects are organized and retained for seven years.

■  Facebook and Twitterless! Sorry afficiandos, we are serious about getting our work done and making clients happy. No time to chatter about it.



■  David R. Carter has the integrity, discipline and commitment required to achieve quality appreciated by his clients. Mr. Carter spends time to successfully execute each project as if it were his own. Each project is produced to be better than the last.


■  Delivering information on time provides a competitive edge. Computer aided design and drafting achieves completion earlier. Many firms are set-up with designers and managers who do not know how to efficiently operate computer drawing software. They sketch and note by hand and rely upon draftspersons to create computer drawings, which leads to errors. Mr. Carter designs on computer to seamlessly produce quality documents in less time.


■  Superior value is achieved by delivering quality services on time at a reasonable price. If our price is substantially different than another architect’s proposal, please be sure you are comparing the same scope of work and professional quality. Mr. Carter will gladly discuss the reasoning behind his proposal.

Diligent Professionalism

■  Professionalism is rooted in research and communications, providing a solid foundation of information required to make correct decisions.

■  Diligent code research, building product research; communications with you, your other consultants and contractor, building officials, governmental agencies and utility companies all help to properly integrate your desires into a viable and aesthetically built environment.

Team Service

■  Quality, promptness, value and diligent professionalism are backed up with the desire to help you and your contractor through the myriad of necessary decisions, communications, and actions required for a successful project that reflects well upon all those involved.


Quality Program

■  Careful code research, well-written notes and instructions, and attention to detail are utmost in importance. Mr. Carter carefully reviews the plans and specifications for completeness, consistency, and constructability to verify that the intent of construction documents are clearly communicated.


■  Each and every project is approached with the goal that all parties will be proud of the completed facility. Special attention to function and aesthetics helps to ensure that the users of the facility will be pleased.

Value Engineering

■  All projects are designed to provide good quality systems. Occasionally, economic realities require “value engineering” decisions to reduce costs. Mr. Carter will work with you and your contractor to develop cost-saving alternatives that maintain suitable aesthetics, function and practicality.

Waste Control

■  Mr. Carter is very concerned about your budget and will shop for value in reimbursable expenses incurred on behalf of your project. He strives for efficient design to lower construction costs.

■  Paper, cardboard, toner cassettes and ink cartridges are recycled to help lessen our burden on the earth.


We are here to serve you with:

■  Design responding to your needs.

■  Meeting your financial and time objectives.

■  Availability and quick response.

■  Continual communications.

■  Quality and accuracy.

■  Fairness, honesty and respect.

We are here to serve the community with:

■  Health, safety and welfare in the built environment.

■  Sensitivity to special needs of persons having disabilities.

■  Stewardship of resources and environment.